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When it comes to protecting what you value most—the safety of your business and the people who depend on you—trust Alert-Tech for peace of mind. We know your business is unique and so are your security concerns. Our security consultants are trained to work with you to tailor a system so flexible that it can precisely meet your needs. There is no need to install multiple systems—you can have intrusion, fire, access control, and video surveillance in one flexible, upgradable system.

Phone Line Monitoring

Your alarm system is connected to Alert-Tech's monitoring facility via a landline. When the alarm is triggered, it uses your phone line to send a signal to our monitoring station. The cost of monitoring is less than a $1 a day!

Wireless Monitoring

A cellular radio uses cellular towers, just like your cellphone, to send emergency signals to our central station. The radio is compatible with the majority of alarm systems and can be added to your system at any time in less than an hour.

AMP Monitoring

The Alert-Tech Multi Path (AMP) Network of long-range radios provides the fastest alarm signal delivery to our central station. The AMP gives you safety, speed and reliability. It can withstand dramatic natural events even when other means of communications fail.

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Video Monitoring

See what’s happening at your house in real time right on your phone, tablet or computer. We can integrate surveillance and access control systems to live monitor security cameras using advanced video analytics, motion detection and continuously streamed video.

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Around-the-Clock Monitoring

As your local alarm monitoring provider, we are able to respond to your needs quickly and efficiently. We have close ties with law enforcement officials. Our trained and experienced monitors  are standing by around-the-clock for your safety, security and convenience. Our goal is to stop crime by responding within the critical seconds of your alarm communicating a need for fire, police, or medical professionals!

Open / Close Reports

Keep track of your assets by enabling open/closing reports with separate codes for employees who are authorized to arm and disarm the system. We have seen a number of instances where business owners thought the system was armed when it really was not. Sometimes a simple mistake can leave the premises unprotected. These reports can be enabled with any type of system, at any time.

Hold-up / Panic Alarm Monitoring

A hold-up alarm can be an additional layer of security to your business. In case of a specific emergency when you are under duress or unable to dial 911, by pressing a panic button you send a silent signal to our AlertCenter, where trained operators give the alarm hightened priority and dispatch the police.

Custom Designed Security Systems

Alert-Tech security consultant will work with you to address security concerns of your business. We'll professionally design, install and service a business security system for you. We have the knowledge and people to make sure your company, personnel and property are secured. Our systems are easy to operate, upgrade and expand at any time to accommodate your changing needs.

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Graphic Touchscreen Keypad

Get the big picture with Tuxedo Touch. The keypad functions as an advanced home security and automation controller, video camera/recorder and voice-enabled system.

2-in-1 Control Panel + 7" Touchscreen Keypad

LYNX 7000 Control Panel features intuitive icon-based navigation, on-screen video, automation capabilities, advanced alarm communications, garage door notification and control. Advanced Protection Logic technology ensures alarm reporting even if the system has been tampered.

Motion Detector

Motion sensors deliver superior performance and versatility in applications to meet the needs of the smallest entry-level to the largest home or business. Featuring robust pet immunity, superb detection and false alarm-reducing technology. Sleek and modern, they can blend unobtrusively with any interior.


You’re in control with our stylish and compact wireless remote that offers the features of traditional keypads with convenient fingertip control. The press of a single button lets you operate your security system, lights, garage doors and more. It fits right on your keychain and can be used as an emergency button or to arm and disarm your system.

Glassbreak Detector

Glassbreak detectors trigger the alarm upon detecting the sound of breaking glass, while ignoring the sounds of thunderstorms, telephones and other common noises. They offer uncompromised performance and unmatched false alarm immunity, and provide reliable
protection by keeping the intruder outside.

Door/Window Sensor

Door/Window sensors come in various designs and versatile in applications. They provide reliable perimeter protection and trigger the alarm when door or window is opened. We offer both hardwired and wireless contacts for your convenience.

Smoke Detector

They detect smoke or unusually high temperature, sound an alarm to warn you of a possible fire. Smoke detectors are critical to your family’s safety. They
mount on walls or ceilings.

Carbon Monoxide Detector

Carbon monoxide (CO2) is an odorless, colorless, toxic gas that can kill in minutes. Monitored carbon monoxide detectors can play a critical role in saving lives.

Interior Siren

If an intruder tries to break-in, the sound of the siren will alert your family and intruders that the security system has detected the intrusion.

Cellular Alarm Transmitter

You no longer need the phone line for your alarm system to be monitored! This unit provides a reliable wireless communication link between your system and our monitoring center.

Indoor IP Camera with Pan/Tilt Capability

This high resolution camera gives you sharp video at different angels.

Portable Indoor IP Camera

Stay connected and view live-video events on any mobile device or your keypad.

Day/Night Color Outdoor IP Camera

Monitor activities outside of your house through this high-end full-color IP camera.

Z-Wave Door Lock

Single cylinder electronic deadbolt with Home Connect Technology featuring SmartKey allows for keyless entry with automatic door locking. Wireless control enables remote access from anywhere.

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Our monitoring center

When emergency happens, you want reliability and immediate response without exceptions. Count on our local and advanced monitoring facility, staffed around the clock by trained operators who verify the alarm and notify authorities according to your instructions.

At Alert-Tech, we heavily invest in alarm monitoring technology and training of our staff to meet industry standards. We use the latest in computer and telecommunication technology to secure the homes and businesses we serve.

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