it is safer with the AMP 

 Your alarm system is only as reliable as its ability to transmit alarm signals to the alarm monitoring facility. Our mesh radio technology was originally developed for rigorous military installations and can withstand even the most challenging weather conditions and continue to transmit alarms. Our private network of AMP radios is the fastest and most reliable alarm communications available in the security industry. Signals get delivered to our AlertCentral on a dedicated network via shortest route available, giving you total security and peace of mind.

 When seconds count and lives are in danger, the choice is clear for life safety and security. The AMP provides direct direct link between your alarm system and Alert-Tech's 24-hour local monitoring facility.

Dedicated Alarm Transmission

The AMP Network is solely dedicated to transmission of alarm signals unlike cellular, where alarm signals can get lost in the pool of phone calls, messages, videos, etc.

Highest Reliability & Durability

AMP radios are capable of withstanding dramatic natural events when other communications fail. Built-in battery eliminates reliance on power lines or lack of generators.

Easy Installation & Management

The radio is compatible with any brand of alarm system and can be easily added to your existing system, at any time.

Technology Will Never Sunset

The AMP radio is not affected by frequent upgrades within cellular networks from 2G to 3G to 4G and soon to 5G. There are no more worries about technology obsolescense.

FREE Maintenance Plan

The AMP radio is affordable and comes with free maintenance service. We lease and maintain the radio for you for the time of service.

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