The Future of Alarm Systems
Written by
Robert C. Winter III
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Be careful when writing about the future. Science fiction writers see our future as dark and dysfunctional by building a plot charting our past. Of course, this is fiction and we can take that for what it is. What seems to be an alternate universe is already visible in our present circumstances.

History is in the making every day and there is plenty of hope for a better world as time unfolds its secrets. It is a sure bet, however, that alarm systems will be needed for the long run. As long as crime continues and trust is eroded, a traditional alarm system with the latest motion and glass breakage sensors will be a good investment in your home or business. Were commend a CCTV system to complete your security package.

Alarms and cameras tend to shift the criminals to less protected property. We have seen this many times. Burglars set off an alarm and wait for a police response to see if it’s monitored. If your system creates false alarms, call us for service or bypass any faulty devices until a tech can replace them. An alarm system that includes contacts on all points of entry, backup glass breakage detectors, motion detectors and smoke and fire detection is a system that’shard to beat. Add mesh radio monitoring and you have one of the most reliable and fastest systems available. It only takes 4-5 seconds for the AMP radio to send a signal to our AlertCentral monitoring center.

For the future, I would predict a video system that confirms or analyzes that the alarm is false or not and communicates the situation to the alarm panel which would then cancel the alarm or raise its sensitivity to another level. I have often dreamed of a sensor that would analyze the intentions of an approaching intruder and sound the alarm immediately before there is damage to windows or doors! Outdoor cameras like the “Ring”doorbell cameras send the video of someone approaching your door over the Internet are already here. They can deter common criminals but not the ones who have learned in prison how to cut the internet.

The false alarm problem remains, though, and most of us do not want to be awakened in the night by a curious neighborhood cat on the doorstep. Another prediction: more folks will invest in security systems and there will be systems available for most home owners and renters. Police will invest in video surveillance that will overview all neighborhoods and will be able to connect to all homes with alarms connected to their surveillance cameras--in order to verify a criminal presence before responding. Later,dedicated robots to which the alarm system sensors will report will confirm the situation before sounding the alarm and reporting it to the monitoring center. Sound Orwellian? There is still a chance we may develop a coordinated effort from schools, churches, and the police to mentor at risk kids after school and on weekends to steer them toward making a difference with their lives free from crime.