Experience Enhanced Protection and Peace of Mind: Time to Upgrade to Smart Security
Written by
Yulia Alferyev

Using your security system has become a habit by now for many of you. It has been part of your lives for several years; you know it protects and provides peace of mind. Arming your security system before leaving or going to bed is a habit that is worth keeping and even teaching your kids.


If your system is over a decade old, it is time to modernize so it can better withstand the elaborate security threats we witness in the 21st century. Amp up your protection starting with the wireless connection to our monitoring center. Plain old telephone lines cannot compete with the speed of wireless signals; plus, phone wires make the connection vulnerable to skilled burglars who can identify and cut them leaving your home unprotected. Wireless monitoring can also give you access to more features and further enhance your sense of security with remote access via phone app called Total Connect.


Total Connect is an important feature that can prevent accidental alarms and keep your home safer because you can monitor it in real time. You can shut off a sounding alarm from an app when you know it is your furry pet who tripped it, or disarm the system for your guest without giving out your code. When you are away, Total Connect ensures you stay in touch with your home. When you get back, scene setting functions adjust lighting and thermostats automatically as you disarm the system - so you can enjoy a warm welcome.


Strategic upgrades of essential security devices ensure your system's proper response in a critical moment. If your smoke detectors are over 12 years old, it is time to replace them to avoid compromising your life safety.

The same applies to glass breakage sensors as some older models can be too sensitive and prone to set off an alarm when there is no real threat. If your system was installed before 2007, the security panel—brain of your system—would benefit from an upgrade too as modern panels provide better functionality and integration with advanced smart technology.

Remember, your system should not only deter, but be able to catch intruders in case they bypass other security measures. If your system does not have any motion sensors, you are missing important components to deter intruders. These sensors stand last in the line of defending your property and trigger an alarm when unauthorized movement is detected.


Cameras are companions to your security system and help identify intruders. If the images from your existing cameras are barely recognizable, it is time to replace your devices. Shift to HD smart cameras to check in on your home after receiving an alert and enjoy the added features of being able to talk and hear the person in front of the camera.

These strategic upgrades to your old guardian will help it better serve you and will give you the ultimate peace of mind. Maintain the good habit: keep your system armed!