Employee Spotlight: Stephanie Bennett
Written by
Yulia Alferyev
Stephanie Bennett

“I’ve always wanted to be an accountant, ever since I was in high school!  Most people asked me “why do you want to do that?” And I answered because numbers are always going to be around! After graduating from school, I took accounting classes and, at the same time, welcomed my first child, a beautiful little girl, but did not have an opportunity to continue my education. I had a few other jobs, but it was not what I truly desired as my career!

After a year of being a secretary at a local financial firm, I saw an opportunity at Alert-Tech and was fortunate to be chosen! That was 12 years ago and I am still kickin’! I have grown professionally from Accounts Receivable to now the Billing Manager! I enjoy the local culture at Alert-Tech and especially helping our clients: whether I am taking a payment or setting up an account on auto-draft, helping address an issue with client’s security system, or simply being a lending ear for someone—all has been a rewarding experience! I love staying busy and having a direct impact on our clients.” 

Stephanie has recently welcomed her first grandson who keeps her busy on the weekends and brings so much joy to the growing family. 

We are thankful to Stephanie’s long-term loyalty to the company. Over the twelve years she has shown her love and passion for what she does at Alert-Tech and she does it well! Thank you, Stephanie, your contribution does not go unnoticed!