Employee Spotlight: Katrina Elias Hens
Written by
Yulia Alferyev
Katrina Elias Hens, AlertCentral Supervisor

A Valdosta State graduate of 2011 with a Bachelors in Philosophy and Religious Studies, Katrina Elias Hens has joined Alert-Tech team in early 2012 as an AlertCentral operator to monitor alarms and dispatch on emergencies. She excelled in her role as a dispatcher and later was promoted to lead the team as an AlertCentral Supervisor. “My seven-year experience in  various positions in AlertCentral have given me an in-depth technical knowledge and understanding of different areas of alarm monitoring center.” Katrina has lead on Alert-Tech’s customer database transfer to a new Alarm Monitoring Software without losing any data—just one of several vital database projects that were successfully conducted under Katrina’s supervision and diligent planning. 

“I worked my way through college at Alumni Relations at VSU and at Camp Tygart where I learned my strength for customer service. I find joy working with our clients and helping them set up alarm systems to accommodate their security needs with every detail in mind.” 

John Wesely once said, “Do all the good you can, by all the means you can.” “Working at Alert-Tech gives me the opportunity to help people in various ways. Whether we are working with a mom whose child is moving into her first apartment for college, a couple who just bought their first (or third) house, or a daughter who is looking after her parents—we provide peace of mind in various forms. Protecting lives and properties is our first priority. The main reward comes from knowing that our prompt dispatch saved the day.”

Katrina and her husband Travis are devoted parents of three girls and a boy who chose to homeschool their children and soon will be moving to a new house they will call home. “Homeschooling four kids is an adventure in itself, and we are so blessed to have my parents, friends, and co-op families in our tribe!”

We are thankful to have Katrina on our team and truly appreciate her hard work, great attitude, and perseverance she puts into her work.