Employee Spotlight: Jake Whitten
Written by
Yulia Alferyev

Jake Whitten joined Alert-Tech team in 1986 after retiring from his military career at Moody Airforce Base as a shop maintenance supervisor where they worked on the laser designator. His years of expertise in electronics and wiring opened doors to the Alert-Tech’s technical department, where Whitten fully employed his skills to service and install security systems at our clients’ homes. “Learning of alarm equipment and methods of installing was challenging. The security industry was progressing at a fast pace and so did the technology. We always had to learn something new.” Jake shares how excited he was to become involved with the local community by helping people secure their homes. His professional wiring techniques and thorough approach to servicing alarms have contributed to low false alarms and higher customer satisfaction rates for Alert-Tech. Jake possesses invaluable knowledge of older hard-wired systems like Radionix, Moose, and ITI—that have faithfully served our clients over three decades—he now shares with our younger techs through training. Jake’s contribution to Alert-Tech’s development is traced over the years in many ways. In 1988, after Alert-Tech bought and moved to the old Specialty Electronics Distributing Company building on Marion Street, Jake was helping to convert wide-open warehouse into offices, AlertCentral, and inventory room for supplies. 

Jake has been married to Helen Osley for fifty six years. Together they have raised five sons and one daughter. He is a caring husband, father, and co-worker who comes to the office early enough to make a fresh pot of coffee for everyone to enjoy in the morning. We are thankful to Jake Whitten!