An Emergency Alert Button Can be a Life Saver
Written by
Yulia Alferyev

Not all emergency alert buttons are alike. They perform according to the way they are programmed. One type, the Emergency Panic button, sounds the burglar alarm sirens if so connected, or may send a silent signal that is non-cancelable. It could be programmed as a Medical Alert device, and it would send a signal and sound a tone or other audible alarm in the premises to let you know that it has been activated.

The button, usually worn as a pendant around the neck or like a wrist watch, can save the day. There is always a danger of falling, having difficulty breathing, or a sudden illness that might make it difficult to get to a phone, but if you had the button—you could get help! By holding in the button for two seconds, the emergency signal would be transmitted to our AlertCentral 24-hour monitoring center. A trained operator would determine the kind of help and contact your respondents. We even have a pendant with up to four buttons that can be programmed. The blue button is for medical emergency, the red one for fire, and the one with the police shield is for burglary or intrusion. If you do not have a home security system, the console that comes with the button also receives a signal from a wireless smoke detector that could make the fire alarm automatic.

If you worry about an elderly relative living alone, you should make them aware of this practical device for their home. It works within the home and for a short distance outside of the home. The system will impart a feeling of safety for the user, and peace of mind to the family.