Residential Security Systems

Wireless Monitoring

You no longer need the phone line for your alarm system to be monitored!

This unit provides a reliable wireless communication link:

Fire Security Essentials

Smoke / Heat Detector

Detect smoke or unusually high temperature, sound an alarm to warn you of a possible fire.

Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Carbon monoxide (CO) is an odorless, colorless, toxic gas that can kill in minutes. Monitored carbon monoxide detectors can play a critical role in saving lives.

Security Systems Packages

We can help protect your family and home

Our comprehensive security systems will give you early detection of the hazards of burglary and fire. We have a wide range of services and the latest products to satisfy your security needs whether you prefer a hard-wired or a wireless system.

At Alert-Tech, we provide full perimeter protection, including such sensitive areas as attic and garage doors. Our well-trained security consultants will work with you to prepare a solution that suits your lifestyle, your business, and your budget.

Protect Your Family from Real Dangers: Home Invasion

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Home invasion robbers are more dangerous than other burglars because they want a confrontation, use violence, and do not feel they are pressed for time to get out of your home immediately.

Essential Package "A"

Provided Protection: Burglary Detection

Standard Package "B"

Provided Protection: Burglary Detection, Fire Detection

Premium Package "C"

Provided Protection: Burglary Detection, Fire Detection

Essential Wireless Package "D"

Provided Protection: Burglary Detection

Add the following services:

Extended Warranty (after first year warranty): + $10 Monthly Monitoring
Opening/Closing Reports* (Receive Only): + $10 Monthly Monitoring
Opening/Closing Reports* (Mailed Copy): + $15 Monthly Monitoring
Opening/Closing Reports* (E-mailed Copy): + $10 Monthly Monitoring

*Opening/Closing Reports track when and who disarms the system. They can give business owners and managers critical information that assists in watching day-to-day operations. Opening & Closing Reporting is available for clients with monitored alarm systems.

Security Essentials

Glass Break Detector:

They trigger the alarm upon detecting the sound of breaking glass, while ignoring the sounds of thunderstorms, telephones and other common noises.


If an intruder tries to break-in, the sound of the siren will alert your family and intruders that the security system has detected the intrusion.

Wireless Remote Key

Add a wireless remote control keyfob to your security system. It fits right on your keychain and can be used as an emergency button or to arm and disarm your system

Cellular Backup

Equipping your alarm system with a cellular backup, ensures transmittal of emergency signals in case of a cut phone line or phone service outage.